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About Sin in a Tin

About Sin in a Tin

We have four generations of experience in the food industry. Our passion for food and attention how to invest in bitcoin in india to detail stand behind our reputation for quality at reasonable cost.

The usual response to our desserts is “wow!”


Great Granny Mattie Guthrie's Restaurant

Chef William Guthrie CEC, Founder of Guthrie’s Originals


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The Guthrie family has been in the restaurant business for four generations starting with Mattie Guthrie’s diner in Springfield Ohio, back in the 1920′s.William has been in the how to get bitcoin in india food service industry since the age of thirteen, working up the ranks to become a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) with the American Culinary Federation in 1996. William gained experience in acclaimed hotels and restaurants in Milwaukee and Dallas. During his tenure in Dallas, he opened and ran three four-star rated restaurants and one five-star rated restaurant. In 1998 Chef Guthrie opened Guthrie’s Historical American Restaurant & Wine bar as Chef-Owner-Manager. Guthrie’s Restaurant received 10 “Best” awards from various media outlets. In August of 2002, Wine Spectator Magazine gave Guthrie’s an Award of Excellence. In 2004 Guthrie’s restaurant received a four-star rating and was voted one of the “Top Ten New Restaurants.”William has been a member of the James Beard Foundation and was the first Dallas chef to be invited to perform his cuisine at the James Beard House in New York City. He has made many personal public and TV appearances.William Guthrie now resides bitcoin trading app in india in Pensacola, FL. where he oversees the production of Guthrie’s Original Desserts.


Chef William Guthrie