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Guthrie's Sin in a Tin



When asked, “if you were stranded on an island, and you could only eat one food, what would it be?” even though it may not constitute as a ‘food,’ my new answer is “sin in a tin!” I don’t indulge in sugary foods often but it is all I can do not to sneak into my fridge, as if maybe I won’t catch myself, and with a warmed up knife… slice through the buttery chocolate heaven I haven’t tried the lemon lust but I’m sure its addictive too. Thanks for topping anything Godiva ever made.

— H.S.


I was upset when I sent my daughter to the store and she came back with an unordered tin of something…then I opened the can. I took a tiny spoonful, looked at her and said “tell no one about this”. It was Heaven. Smooth, rich, not too sweet. Heaven. The chocolate and the lemon are wonderful. These will make wonderful gifts, too. I will definitely be wanting more!!

— K.J.


I found your Chocolate Sin in a Tin at a Publix in Destin. The name of the product caught my eye so that I would buy it the first time – but the sinfully delicious and decadent flavor will make me go back and buy more! When you take a bite, it’s like having your little slice of chocolate heaven all to yourself. One of my friends sent me the following saying, which I adapted to fit the marvelous product you have. ‘Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways….chocolate sin in a tin in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up and totally worn out, and screaming WOO HOO! WHAT A RIDE!!!!!’

— K.H.


Hi Chef Guthrie, I called you last month about transporting your product to Japan. I just wanted to let you know that I chose to freeze the ‘Sin in a Tin’, wrap it in plastic then put it intotwo plastic bags for transport. We were in route for 19 hours and all arrived in perfect condition. Best of all the young Japanese lady, who truly is a ‘chocoholic’ said it was the best chocolate she has every tasted. I was so pleased with our gift to her and so proud of your product!

— C.D.


All day long I dream of the luscious dk chocolate treat melting in my mouth. And the great thing about it is that just a tiny wedge satisfies that craving better than an entire serving of just about any other dessert on this planet. Whenever I have shared this treat with friends and family, they have also shared much the same comments. There is no better taste to be found from here to heaven and back! I am your very best advertisement as I am quick to tell others just how wonderful this dessert pate is! The only thing I ever worry about in giving this recommendation is that APPLE MARKET might run out . . . then I will just have to run over to one of my other local sources. Yes, I look for it everywhere and find it in all the best places! The master chef who created this grande masterpiece has my vote! I must remain forever loyal to my SIN IN A TIN.

— R.H.


I love Sin In A Tin. It is one of my favorite desserts. I have introduced many of my friends to this dessert. When I am feeling down and need a pick me up I go get a Sin In A Tin. Thanks for making this dessert.

— K.K.


I have turned so many friends and family from out of town on to Sin in a Tin that I’m not allowed in the door unless I have some. I am hands down your best customer. I buy at least two tins a week so I always have a little to share and I always have a backup supply.

— J.H.


Sin in a Tin is one of the most heavenly desserts I’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately now I’m stuck back at home in the UK, tormenting myself by lusting after another mouthful, with no hope whatsoever of getting my hands on any. Please don’t limit this amazing delicacy to just the USA – the rest of the world needs it too!

— S.L.


Oh my, I am a baker and very good cook myself and I must say I would give anything to be able to duplicate either one of these fabulous desserts but that would take the fun out of it. They are truly divine!

— J.B.


We fell in love with both. I am more partial to the Lemon Lust, my husband is a chocolate lover so his favorite is the Sin in a tin. Every time we go to Publix I get one of these delicious treats. So glad we came across them.

— J.B.


We’ve gone from buying one for special occasions to regularly keeping a couple in the fridge at all times. It’s always a hit at dinner parties. A killer treat with fresh raspberries on the side. When it comes time to extend your brand into TV and/or video, please call. I’d love to help promote your products. Thanks for such a sinful dessert.

— J.D.


My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on the beach with bread, cheese and wine, and some Sin in a Tin as a dessert. We bought it on a whim, but ended up calling our parents, and some friends to tell them it was THE BEST DESSERT we have ever had, including desserts we have had in upscale restaurants around the world. WOW! You need to expand your marketing because my in-laws in Jacksonville were so disappointed when they found out they couldn’t get it there. AWESOME is the only word for the ‘Sin’.

— B.C.


I was in Destin, FL last week and was introduced to ‘SIN IN A TIN’ and I am now ‘Jones-ing.’ We cannot get your UNBELIEVEABLE chocolaty dessert in Memphis- so I guess I am going to have to move to Destin so I can be close to this slice of heaven. You have put the chocolate world on its tongue! What a truly wonderful dessert!!!!!!

— C.L.


I tried Sin In A Tin at a friends house and again at a tasting at Publix and also had the opportunity to try Lemon Lust there. Both are fabulous! For the first time in 21 years I didn’t bake my husband a birthday cake. He got to experience the tin delicacy and loved it! It won’t be just for special occasions OR rather they will make ordinary occasions special.

— M.M.


LOVE this! Going to send a tin o’ sin to my gluten-free friend now. She’s going to love it!

— A.S.


Sin in a Tin is our favorite dessert. Even my non-dessert eating son loves it. It makes the perfect hostess gift.

— C.B.


Last night my husband and I finally shared the “Sin In A Tin” we bought at the Pensacola Farmer’s Market this fall. OMG! I’m not sure how to describe it… rich chocolate cloud? … the texture is so incredible, it sort of just disappears and in your mouth, leaving only the memory of that heavenly chocolate taste behind. We’ll definitely keep a “Sin In A Tin” on hand at all times. We are hooked!

— P.W.


Walked into Apple Market one morning last fall and noticed your product, Sin in a Tin, and asked the women behind the counter,” Is this product any good?” At least five women shouted across the store, “YES!!” I bought two. That was the beginning.

— C.M.


Absolutely the best things I have ever tasted. I’m so excited about shipping them to my dad for his 85th Birthday! I’m sure to be the favorite child once he gets his hands on Lemon Lust & sin in a Tin. Thank you.

— L.


My older son loves the chocolate, and the little guy thinks the lemon is awesome! My husband devoured half the tin before I could stop him! I have been bragging to everyone I know about your luscious dessert, and plan to purchase and ship out a few for Valentine’s Day. I know my family and friends will love it. Thank you again-you have a customer for life.

— Karoline


Hello Tins Makers…I am a big fan of your “Sin in a Tin”…My husband drove all the way down to the Blaylocks Seafood store in Orange beach to “get my fix” for my birthday…I sure am hooked and getting all my girlfriends hooked too!

— C.P.


I was hooked from the first bite!! These desserts are delicious and decadent – an exquisite delight to the senses!! I only hope you expand into GA soon. I am in the Athens area and would love to find these products locally.

— L.B.


I was lucky enough to have been given a gift of Sin in a Tin. What a delicious treat. Being a lover of good chocolate, this is the best I have tasted in my 75 years!

— M.


My husband brought your Sin in a Tin home for me tonight as a little treat. I am a chocolate freak and make a really good chocolate torte. I was excited about trying it but thought that my homemade would be better. Well, I was wrong. Your Sin in a Tin is the best dessert that I have EVER tasted!!!! I was so happy to see that you ship these out as we may be moving in a few months. Now, I am addicted!!!

— E.S.


I love both Sin in a Tin and Lemon Lust, and have served both to dinner guests at my home. I’m hoping the Sin in a Tin will help win the heart of someone I’m quite interested in!!! He loved it the first time!

— J.V.R.


Saying your desert is sinfully delicious does not do it justice. It is a little piece of heaven. Never have I had a taste bud experience like I did when I first placed it in my mouth. Thanks for waking up my senses.

— B.B.


I find that “Sin in a Tin” is the perfect hostess gift for friends that visit my home in Fort Walton Beach in the Panhandle of Florida. I usually serve it the first night of their visit and then we’ll visit our local Publix to pick up one for their surprise gift. They usually have a cooler to place it in and it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few strawberries or animal crackers for their trip home……yummy!

— B.B.C.


Excellent pieces of art, both sin-in-a -tin and Lemon Tart. We are sure Boston and Vancouver would love these products!

— K.N.


I am originally from Pensacola and every time we are home visiting (husband in the Army for 25 years and counting) we go to the Apple Market for goodies. Found this goodie and LOVE it. Babied a tin for 2 days in a cooler to bring it back to my Army wife friends here at Fort Bliss Texas. Each of our husbands have served 20 + years and we’ve been around the world. Hard to impress this group of women!! I served them Sin in a Tin and some good wine out on the porch 2 nights
ago and they were in heaven. We had a moment of silence to simply enjoy the chocolate laden experience. Thanks for making an evening without our soldiers a pleasurable experience and easing the burden of service with some indulgence!!

— A.S.


Purchased your Chocolate Pate and have to say, I’m in love again! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure speaking with youat the Publix in Sandestin. I would wish you luck with your Company, but you don’t need it. If you can get anyone to try it, they will be hooked! I have already spread the word to everyone I have spoken to since I tried it.

— M.B.


Sin in a Tin is absolutely delicious!!! It was my dessert choice for my 1 yr anniversary with my husband and what a greatway to top off the evening! Thanks for such a great dessert!

— A.M.